Residential Roofing in NWA

At Southwest Roofing, we can take care of any roofing need you may have for your home or rental property. From small shingle repairs to full roof replacements and installations, our skilled experts specialize in residential roofing jobs.

With a 24+ year commitment to Northwest Arkansas, our local NWA roofers are committed to our customers – our neighbors. We understand the stress that replacing a roof can cause homeowners and we are committed to quality customer service that puts you first. We are a veteran owned, bonded, licensed, and insured small business, so you never have to worry about the quality of our services.

Your roof is your home’s primary line of defense – it protects you and everything you treasure inside. Our high-quality building materials are durable, sustainable, and built to last and are installed with quality workmanship ensuring everything beneath your roof is protected for years to come.  

New Roof Installation - Southwest Roofing NWA

Residential Roofing Services: 

  • Roof Replacement or Repairs
  • New Construction Roof Installation
  • Hail Damage – Roof Replacement and Repairs
  • Leak Patching
  • Damaged Shingle Repair
  • Skylight and Valley – Reseal, Repair, and Installation
  • Gutter Cleaning and Installation
  • Unusual Wear and Tear
  • Structural Issues
  • Sustainable Shingle Recycling
  • Inspections


If you have an issue not listed here, give us a call at 479-381-6017. We can very likely help you with the problem you are experiencing. 

Check out our blog for roof maintenance tips!

Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

Summer is a season that can be both wonderful and dreadful. We enjoy the chance to go to the lake, bike ride on cooler days, grill with the family, or even the fireworks during fourth of July. We especially enjoy the freedom that comes with summer and its hope of vacation days. What isn’t so enjoyable is the heat.

Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

SPRING HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST - Ground Hog day has come and gone with no shadow in sight. According to legend we will have an early spring this year. As winter ends it’s time to give your home a complete physical, inside and out, to get ready for the warm-weather...

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

When severe storms rage, they can be very dangerous. Tornados, hail, or lightning can cause direct damage or incur trees or other debris to fall on your home. Here are some tips to help you through the process. Don't attempt to assess the damage until the storm has...

Apartment Complete Facelift

Apartment Complete Facelift

A lot of times, when an older building needs a new roof, that is not all they need. We can also help you with a complete remodel, including windows, siding, facia, soffit, doors, and decking. We can even help you with the interior, including floors,...

Roof Types and Options:

We can outfit your roof with whatever type of roofing material you desire. We can replace or install roofs on houses, rental properties, condos, sheds, and barns, The roofing materials we most often work with are:

Architectural Shingles

  • 120mph Rated Wind Resistance
  • 160mph Rated Wind Resistance

Flat Roofs

  • Spray-on Elastomeric Coating
    • 15 year non prorated warranty
    • White color reflects 85% of the suns heat, saving you on energy bills
    • Elastic property protects your roof from hail damage
  • Roll Roofing
    • Traditional flat roof material
    • No energy or hail protection benefits

3 Tab Shingles

  • Lowest Price Point
  • 60mph Rated Wind Resistance

Metal Roofs

  • Resistant to damage from hail smaller than a golf ball
  • 55% more expensive than Architectural Shingles

Tile Roofs

  • Costly but offers stylish architectural design qualities
  • Resistant to hail damage

We upgrade all our customers to Ice & Water Membrane Shield to ensure the highest quality of waterproofing available!

What Makes Us Different

  • Local Company with NWA Roots
  • Low-Cost Loyal Customer Maintenance
  • We offer maintenance and assistance to our loyal customers for steeply discounted ratesuick Response time. We’ll always be to you within a day or two
  • Larry, our owner, handles each inspection personally

About Our Supplies:

We source our shingles from Arrowhead Supply Company, and we also discard all the shingles we remove from your home back to them. This is because Arrowhead is the only supplier in Arkansas that recycles shingles to create asphalt, roads, and new high-quality shingles. We are committed to sustainability. Shingles take 300 years to decompose in landfills. We are doing our part as roofers to protect the planet by responsibly disposing of your old shingles, and installing new, high quality recycled shingles in their place.


A Note on Homeowners Insurance: 

If a storm rolls through and causes damage to roofs throughout the area, we encourage you to file a claim. Your Homeowner Insurance rates are based off risks to your area, not your individual home. This means your rates could go up even if you personally don’t file a claim for storm related roof damage. It’s in your best interest to use your insurance and repair the damage rather than risking further damage to your home.

Roofs in NWA rarely last more than seven years thanks to tornados and hail damage. Insurance will pay to replace the same quality of shingle or material that was on your roof prior to the damage. Sometimes, our customers upgrade to a higher wind resistance and pay the price difference during a roofing job under an insurance claim. The next time a storm causes damage to your roof, the higher end material will be paid for by the insurance company.


Areas Serviced: 

We install and repair roofs for homes in the following cities and surrounding areas all across Northwest Arkansas:

Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Johnson, Farmington, Prairie Grove, Gentry, Gravette, Decatur, Centerton Bella Vista, Pea Ridge, Tontitown, Lowell, Elkins, & Siloam Springs.


If you think your roof is in need of a professional eye, contact us for a no obligation estimate.