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Asphalt Shingle Installation

Asphalt shingles are by far the most common type of roofing material for residential homes in Northwest Arkansas. There are 3 types in the roofing industry that differ in materials, shape, size, color and thickness. Here is a small guide that will help you differentiate them and choose the type of shingle that best suits your building whether residential or commercial.  Read more

Southwest Roofing Metal Residential Roof

Metal Roof Installation

Is a metal roof the answer to all your roof problems? Not always – there are pros and cons of residential metal roofing. Most people think a metal roof is a permanent solution, but that is just not true. With metal as a material, there are many different designs…  Read more

Roof Repair

Leaks of numerous types will occur during the lifetime of a structure. High winds and heavy rains can often damage asphalt shingles, causing leaks. From piping to weather, water can cause significant damage that is often inconspicuous and unnoticed until some problem…  Read more

Southwest Roofing Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Installation

Which type of commercial roofing is right for your business? We handle all sorts of commercial roofing from spray-on for metal roofing, to roll-on for energy savings. Most commercial metal roofs are either done by replacing the metal or coating system. The metal is…  Read more

Southwest Roofing Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

So much goes into a roof that you don’t see, so it is not easy to see when a job is not done right. Let us explain all the necessary steps for you. The steps to replace your roof involve tearing off the old shingles and felt, which includes replacing all the pipe…  Read more

Protect your property.

We deliver quality roof installation services that protect your home and the environment.  No matter your roofing needs, we can help.  Click below to get a free, fair estimate and protect your property for years to come.

Check out our blog for roof maintenance tips!

Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

Summer is a season that can be both wonderful and dreadful. We enjoy the chance to go to the lake, bike ride on cooler days, grill with the family, or even the fireworks during fourth of July. We especially enjoy the freedom that comes with summer and its hope of vacation days. What isn’t so enjoyable is the heat.

Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

SPRING HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST - Ground Hog day has come and gone with no shadow in sight. According to legend we will have an early spring this year. As winter ends it’s time to give your home a complete physical, inside and out, to get ready for the warm-weather...

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

When severe storms rage, they can be very dangerous. Tornados, hail, or lightning can cause direct damage or incur trees or other debris to fall on your home. Here are some tips to help you through the process. Don't attempt to assess the damage until the storm has...

Apartment Complete Facelift

Apartment Complete Facelift

A lot of times, when an older building needs a new roof, that is not all they need. We can also help you with a complete remodel, including windows, siding, facia, soffit, doors, and decking. We can even help you with the interior, including floors,...

Our Clients Love Us

“Larry came out right away and gave me a very reasonable quote on my roof repair and explained what he would do correct my problem. I immediately hired him. When his workers started tearing the shingles off, they found that the issue was not as extensive as originally thought and charged me significantly less to do the job. They even showed me pictures of the bad area once the shingles were removed. I was very impressed with Larry’s honesty, the skill of his crew, and the quality of their work. Thank you Larry!”


“The guys at Southwest Roofing NWA are some of the most honest, reliable, hard working, and prompt people I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with in a long time.”


Just wanted to give a shout out to Larry Lewsader  and his crew. They put a new metal roof on my house and it LOOKS FANTASTIC. They did an amazing job. Very professional and nice. The crew were great, kept all trash picked up. Anyone looking to put a new roof on, you can’t go wrong with Southwest Roofing. Also, the price was alot better than the other companies that came and gave me an estimates. Thank you Larry!!!


“Larry and his crew are top notch in NWA! His crew is punctual and knowledgeable. When my roof dropped in, they replaced it AND the damaged drywall beneath! Their service was awesome.”


“Larry is an outstanding person, he is honest and dependable. He does excellent work. I highly recommend him!!!!”