A lot of times, when an older building needs a new roof, that is not all they need.

We can also help you with a complete remodel, including windows, siding, facia, soffit, doors, and decking. We can even help you with the interior, including floors, cabinets, drywall, woodwork, and ceilings.

This set of 4 apartments in Springdale were in pretty bad shape when the new owner took them over. They called us to quote the roof repair, and as we were inspecting the roof we talked about how the entire exterior was in need of repair. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution to all your exterior home needs, so we added that to the job. As we started on the roof, we peeled off the old siding to find the structure was sound, and got to work replacing the windows, doors, and siding. The old asphalt roof and windows were recycled, another area we pride ourselves in – we recycle all materials that are able to.

We remodeled the apartment exterior in stages in order to disrupt the residents as little as possible. As each of our teams finished their part of the facelift, they would move on to the next building, so the activity was fluid and efficient. The entire project was completed in just over a month.

The last building was a two story apartment that was also in need of new decking and stairs in addition to the roof, siding and windows. We did each section of the decking in full so that none of the upstairs residents would lose access to their entrance or become trapped in their home.

Call Southwest Roofing NWA for all your investment properties.

We can remodel them as completely as needed with as little downtime as possible, so your residents get a new home without too much disruption.